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Times are tough, but you are not alone.

Our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys understand that times are tough right now.  Many Americans are having a very hard time these days.  Many people cannot afford health insurance, and are buried in medical debt.  Unemployment continues to be an extremely serious problem in this economy.  People who were just fine a few years ago have been laid off and cannot find a job no matter how hard they try.

Bills that were once easy to pay are now impossible.  Our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers are here to help.  Creditors call day and night, cars get repossessed, mortgage companies start foreclosing, and the debt gets bigger and bigger.  Many of our clients talk about how they were unable to sleep at night because they were so worried for themselves and their families.

Well, you’re not alone, and our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers can help you get your life back!  Your creditors want you to believe that filing for bankruptcy means that you have been a failure in life.  This is so ridiculous that it is honestly completely laughable.  They want you to believe this because they know that if you speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney they will probably never be able to squeeze another dime out of you.

If you are able to legally qualify for bankruptcy protection and relief, it is your absolute and guaranteed legal right to file.  Bankruptcy is not a failure.  Bankruptcy is not an ending.  Bankruptcy is a new beginning.  Bankruptcy is a fresh start.  If you can qualify, why wouldn't you at least consider being able to wipe out most or all of your debts while keeping most or all of your property?  If you think about it, it's kind of a no brainer to at least learn about your legal rights.

Our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers can help you right now.

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Filing for bankruptcy in Washington State.

If you live in King County and file for bankruptcy, you will be required to appear at a "meeting of creditors" hearing.  It's called a 341 Hearing.  Your 341 Hearing will be held at the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court in downtown Seattle. 

The address for the

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington has a lot of information about filing for bankruptcy in Washington State.

The Bankruptcy Code is complicated, and we strongly encourage almost all clients to retain a good debt relief lawyer to assist them in filing for bankruptcy protection.  But, we also understand that there are many factors that go into the decision.  The Federal Bankruptcy Court page on the "Bankruptcy Basics" has a lot of links to very help

If you are looking for information about filing for bankruptcy without an attorney, you might find the Western District Court's page on Filing Without an Attorney worth visiting.  The United States Federal Court website also provides useful information and guidance on Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney.  This site may be worth visiting as well.

If you are looking for Bankruptcy Forms, then this is one of the better resources.  It not only provides the basic bankruptcy forms, but also provides instructions.  There are also many other instructive videos that discuss the bankruptcy process.

Keep in mind, however, that Washington State bankruptcy law is different from Federal bankruptcy law.  This is particularly true when it comes to provisions dealing with exempting assets and keeping property.

We provide both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy services throughout Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound Region.  When many of our clients first call our offices, they are confused about whether or not they can even qualify for bankruptcy relief.  If you have questions about whether or not you can qualify, you should give us a call.

One of our debt relief attorneys will be happy to review your finances and help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is even an option.  Call now for more information about bankruptcy and your debt relief rights.

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Can you qualify for a fresh financial start?

Thousands of bankruptcy cases successfully handled.

Our Seattle law firm is committed to helping individuals and families obtain a fresh financial start and free up valuable monthly cash flow.  By not having to continue paying your credit card bills, medical debts, or other unsecured creditors, many of our clients finally have the money necessary to meet their basic needs without struggling every month.

If you qualify, this Fresh Financial Start is your guaranteed and is your absolute legal right.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Washington State:  A Seattle Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges most unsecured debts and allows most people to keep all of their property.  Our debt relief lawyers can help you determine if you can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

If you can qualify, filing a Seattle Chapter 7 bankruptcy is probably your best option.  This is because a Chapter 7 typically discharges most, if not all, of your debts while also allowing you to keep most of your personal property and other assets.  Many of our Chapter 7 clients completely discharge or wipe out 100% of their debts while keeping 100% of their property.

A Seattle Chapter 7 bankruptcy also is relatively quick from start to finish.  Depending on how quickly you provide us the information and the documentation that we need, it typically takes about three to four months from start to finish.  If you live here in Seattle and are looking for the appropriate Washington State Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Forms, this page should have what you need.

In addition to the information on this website, there are some other excellent resources regarding filing for Chapter 7 debt relief that you may find helpful.  The United States bankruptcy court has a lot of helpful information about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on its website.  This page also includes information about eligibility, how the process works, and what it means when your qualifying debts are "discharged".

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington State:  Think of a Seattle Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a type of repayment plan that you can afford.  And, most importantly, your debts are prioritized and you only pay back what you can afford.  The rest of your qualifying debts are completely wiped out once your plan is completed.

So, in a Seattle Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you only pay back the debts you can reasonably afford.  This is determined through a complex financial analysis based largely on your income and monthly expenses.  A Chapter 13 also enables you to restructure your car loans, your IRS Debt and your mortgage arrears.  In many cases, you end up discharging all of your unsecured debts. 

We are experienced Seattle and Washington State Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys.  We can help you determine if you can qualify for Chapter 13 relief.  If you are able to qualify, a Chapter 13 is a very powerful financial tool.  It can help you free up immediate cash flow every month and will get those nasty creditors and bill collectors from blowing your phone up day and night.

A good Chapter 13 lawyer knows how maximize your relief under the code.  This is done by maximizing your property exemptions and ensuring that your monthly payment is fair and appropriate given your household income and monthly living expenses.  We want to make sure that your plan payment is one that you can afford because we want you to be able to complete your Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is a powerful legal right that discharges most or all of your debts!

We are experienced debt relief lawyers.  We understand the federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws. Filing for bankruptcy gets rid of credit card debt, medical bills, garnishments, lawsuits, car repossession debt, mortgage foreclosure deficiencies, old tax debt (in certain cases), payday loans, and most other unsecured debt.

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Bankruptcy can save your home and stop your foreclosure sale.

Filing for bankruptcy can help you find more manageable ways to repay the amount you are behind on your mortgage.  In some cases, bankruptcy can also discharge (wipe out) your second mortgage and allow you to keep your home.

If you have a second mortgage and want to know if you may qualify to have it discharged in a Washington State bankruptcy, we can help.  Our Seattle, WA bankruptcy lawyers will help you determine if your second mortgage can qualify to be wiped out under the Bankruptcy Code.

Filing a Washington State bankruptcy stops your King County foreclosure sale dead in its tracks, and also can give you more time to modify your mortgage, while discharging other unsecured debts.

Most Bankruptcy Filers Keep All of their Property.

A good Seattle bankruptcy lawyer is familiar with the Bankruptcy Code and its exemptions. We will help you keep as much of your property as the bankruptcy laws allow.  Many of our clients are able to keep their car, furniture, retirement/pension, hobby property, recreational equipment, and all or most other property.

If you can qualify, our Washington bankruptcy attorneys will also fight to help you keep your home.  The U.S. Bankruptcy Code allows you to keep a generous amount of property. Washington State also provides exemptions that are especially generous to bankruptcy filers in allowing them to protect their property, especially their primary residence.

Contact one of our affordable and inexpensive low flat fee Seattle bankruptcy attorneys at (206) 667-8888 for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to learn how you can protect your assets and get rid of your unmanageable debts!

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Creative answers to your financial questions that can save you a LOT of money!

Our Washington State debt relief lawyers help good people just YOU like discharge millions of dollars in debt every year.  We know what you are going through and have helped thousands of your friends and neighbors get the fresh financial start that they are entitled to under the law.

Our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys are experienced and aggressive debt relief lawyers who focus on helping people discharge their qualifying debts so that they can get a new financial start in life.  We will do everything legally possible to maximize your protection and your relief under the law.

We use the Federal and Washington bankruptcy laws as a tool to help our clients get their lives back, and we can be very creative in how to best help you.  We will go through the details of your situation and provide you with solid, practical answers.  We know that you are counting on us to maximize your relief under the bankruptcy code.

These are very tough times we live in, and many people are finding themselves without work, or with high credit card debts, medical bills, and other debts.  Your creditors want you to believe that you have not other options but to pay them back.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  If you qualify, wiping out your debts through bankruptcy is probably your best option.

The laws are here for your protection.

The Federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws were enacted to protect honest and hard-working folks, who often through no fault of their own, suddenly find themselves in financial difficulty. In these troubled times, we see one horror story after another.  But we want you to know that you are NOT trapped.  You have important legal rights and debt relief options.

Whether through loss of employment, medical emergency, divorce, falling prey to unfair lending practices, or a host of other potential unforeseen events, our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys understand that bad things happen to good people all the time.  We see it every day. Our job is to determine whether or not you can qualify for bankruptcy relief and then assist you in obtaining it if you decide that this is the best path for you and your family.

We're here to help you get up and move on with your life so that you can become contributing members to society again.  No one benefits when people are paralyzed by debts. Our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers assist Washingtonians from all walks of life file for and obtain federal court protection when their debts become unmanageable.  If you qualify, this is your legal right.  Despite what your creditors would have you believe, there is no shame in falling on hard times and needing bankruptcy protection and relief.

The credit card companies and those terrible bill collectors that blow up your phone day and night would have you believe that even considering filing for bankruptcy somehow means that you are a total failure in life.  This is absurd.  The bankruptcy laws are here for your protection, especially in these difficult financial times.

Our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers can help you reduce or eliminate your debt load, so you can get your life back on track, and free up additional income each month.

Stop all harassing phone calls immediately.

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Our Washington State and Seattle bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable and inexpensive payment plans that fit your personal budget.

Our Seattle and Washington State bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable payment plans to pay for the costs of your case, and will work with your budget.  We understand that people in financial crisis will often need time to pay for our bankruptcy services.  We will work with you on an inexpensive payment plan that fits your budget.

Fast, efficient, and dedicated personal service.

You will meet with a Seattle bankruptcy attorney on your first visit. You will be able to describe your unique situation to us, and get solid answers.  We will tailor a solution that best fits your needs, saves your possessions, and maximizes the amount of debt that can be discharged.

Our Washington bankruptcy attorneys will help you deal with any legal issues that may appear in your case.  We will prepare all of your case documents, file your case, and appear in court with you at your Meeting of Creditors.

We will guide you every step of the way.

A brighter future for you and your family.

Our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers will help you achieve your goal of financial freedom. In a few months you will be on your way to a brighter future, and a new start in life.

We are a debt relief agency.  Our Washington bankruptcy attorneys proudly help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code, and use all of the tools that the law allows.

Stop all harassing creditor phone calls right now.

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We offer inexpensive low flat fees.

Affordable payment plans.

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